Here are some of the pieces I’m particularly proud of:

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The 5 Stages of Cleaning After a Breakup

How and Why I Changed My Name (And No, Not to Get Married)
My Real Life Social Experiment: How I Learned to Date Smarter (By Not Taking Tinder Seriously)
I Got Rid of All My Clothes That Didn’t Fit… Here’s How it Changed My Attitude
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How Social Media Can Actually Improve Your Mental Health
What Your Favorite Flower Says About You
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Why You Need a Selfie Mirror (For Your Home & Your Health)

Why my breakup was the best thing that ever happened to me
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5 reasons why Paris and Doyle were the actual best couple on “Gilmore Girls”

Tiny Reminders

Shimmering Like a (Fan)Girl

Cherry Bomb: On Lipstick and Learning to Love my Flaws
An Open Letter to Susan Patton, WSJ Opinion Columnist

Dear Brittney: I’m Drowning in Bad Ideas
How Taylor Swift Rocks Social Marketing…And How You Can, Too
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This Is What Happens When You Message Guys On Tinder With Dashboard Confessional Lyrics
21 Lines Every Woman on OkCupid Will Recognize

The Bleach
How to Survive Losing Your Job

And here are some pieces I’ve been featured in:

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