20031892_10209437103939629_6246456840623133995_nI’m a New York City-based writer who tweets a lot, especially about french fries, dating, and feminism. My greatest talents (aside from the professional stuff) are making grilled cheese sandwiches and applying liquid liner, and I like to think Leslie Knope would consider me a land mermaid.

I’m currently the Weekend Editor at NYLON, where I assign, write and top-edit news stories and features on Saturdays and Sundays. I am also looking for a full-time position (preferably in copywriting or editing). Recently, I was the Assistant Lifestyle Editor for Apartment Therapy, where I covered everything from cleaning and money to dating and wellness, with a little travel mixed in. Previously, I was a Staff Writer for Business News Daily. While I was there, I interviewed women CEOs and business leaders and wrote a weekly career-themed advice column entitled “Dear Brittney” among other features. Prior to that, I was the Associate Editorial Director at Bluelink Marketing, where I was the editor-in-chief of Campus Riot, a now defunct site dedicated to college life, advice, and entertainment, as well as the managing editor of two health and wellness sites. And before that, I studied Cold War history and non-fiction writing at Drew University.

My work has also appeared in (and been republished on) Bumble, Femsplain, Hello Giggles, Mashable, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, BuzzFeed, and more. You can read some of my personal essays on Medium.

I also created a blog a few years ago called Tinder Confessional, which combined two of my favorite things: emo band Dashboard Confessional, and the weirdness that is Tinder.

Oh, and about my name — my former name was Brittney Helmrich, but I now go by Brittney Morgan. If you’re wondering why, this essay should clear things up.

Anything else you want to know? Get in touch via Twitter (@brittneyplz) or email me.